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Steve brings more than 30 years of electronics industry experience to his role as founder of Modulus Media Systems. As a musician, audiophile, and videophile, he combines his passion for video and audio, love of the latest technology, and experience in executive management with a vision to bring about a better, more integrated consumer multimedia experience.

Prior to founding Modulus, Steve served for over 12 years as president and CEO of the global electronics industry consortium, Silicon Integration Initiative (Si2). Under Steve's leadership, Si2 grew in size and revenue by over 400% and expanded it's range of industry-standard technologies by 7x. Prior to Si2, he was VP of corporate marketing for BOPS, Inc. in Mountain View, CA.  Prior to that, Steve served in a variety of technical and management positions at Texas Instruments, Inc. over nearly 20 years. At TI, he was Senior Member,Technical Staff and manager of EDA strategy and reliability strategy. Steve was Chairman of the Design Sciences Technical Advisory Board at Semiconductor Research Corporation, co-chairman for Accellera, president of VHDL International, and chairman of the VITAL and Rosetta standardization efforts.

He has authored hundreds of articles and blogs, as a founding editor of ASIC & EDA and Integrated System Design magazines, author for Chip Design magazine, and created feature blogs at both EE Times and Semiconductor Engineering publications. As a well-known public speaker, Steve focuses on emerging technology trends, advanced design methodology, and standards development topics. Steve has served on the Boards of various emerging technology startups, and is active in his community as a church council leader.

Steve received his BSEE from U. Maryland, and an MBA from U. Texas. He and his wife, Carmen, have been married 27 years and have two daughters in college. Steve is a jazz trombone musician and regularly performs.