Modulus Mx1

Extend Your Media

Affectionately known as the “Mini,” the tiny Modulus Mx1 allows you to extend Modulus’ media management power to any room in the house — and beyond! Only 1.6" thick, the Mx1 fits easily behind a wall-mounted TV, on a countertop or mantle, or even a bookshelf. Supporting both ethernet and fast 802.11ac WiFi, the Mx1 works in connection to the M1, giving you access to your entire recorded library of movies and TV, streaming programs and more. The Mx1 delivers the identical user experience of the M1, complete with all menus, appearance, and functions, including the same amazing “Ultimate Remote” as the M1.

Seamless Viewing Experience

Have you ever been watching sports in one room, then move to another, only to find the second room has an annoying delay? The M1 synchronizes all viewing activity and bookmarks with all other Mx1 units, so that you can watch any of your your movies, TV shows, music, or streaming programs in one room, then automatically pick it up exactly where you left off in another room. The Mx1 is powerful, capable of playing Blu-Ray movies with lossless audio/video quality over its fast WiFi or wired ethernet connection, with video decoding and rendering fully hardware-accelerated for a smooth, rich experience.

Outdoors — And Beyond!

What about watching TV in the workout room, office, garage, a lake house, your child’s college dorm room? The Mini goes where you go, delivering all your family’s media stored on the main Modulus M1 to your remote location. And, the Mini comes with the same amazing “Ultimate Remote” as the M1 so you have a consistent experience.