Modulus M1
the story

A Decade in Development

Tech visionary Steve Schulz wanted a cool home media system for his family — so he built it. Because it was personal, he loaded it with every feature imaginable, sparing no expense to get the best possible solution to the needs of each family member. Pretty soon, all his Austin neighbors wanted one. Because it brings “absolute value” to a complex mix of technology, he named the machine Modulus, and in early 219 the first machines rolled off the production line in Austin, Texas. It boasts two dozen different features, but here are just a few:


Premium DVR

Throw out that useless cable box (and the fees!) and enjoy a menu of features like time save mode, no switching inputs, up to 20TB of internal storage, and fantastic tools to organize your content.

Elegant Movie Server

Modulus provides an extraordinary cinematic experience. Import your DVDs or Blu-Rays, or record movies off live TV or your streaming subscriptions to build an amazing library of films.

Automatically Skip Commercials

No matter where you record a show or movie, Modulus lets you watch it free from annoying commercials with one-button commercial skip. Watching TV is fun again!

Record Streaming

Only Modulus can record all your streaming shows. Our patented technology means you never lose another episode of your favorite series, and you can organize all your shows in easy-to-search collections.