Welcome to Modulus Media Systems


Welcome to Modulus Media Systems

As a young boy, I admired Mr. Edison's insight, perseverance, and astounding impact of his creations, influencing my engineering career path. One of his special gifts was the ability to see a new and better way, while everyone around him simply accepted the status quo. Mr. Edison coupled that insight and conviction with a very practical drive to figure out at least one way that could work. What I didn't realize as a boy is that he was an excellent businessman and publicist as well, also key to his effectiveness in finding those better ways. He helped make technology simple and accessible to the masses, a quality needed now more than ever.

If Mr. Edison were alive today, he would be astounded to find his moving picture creation is now embedded inside phones we carry in our pockets, and we watch HD movies and sports in our own homes with video resolution and sound quality unimaginable in his day. Yet I suspect he would also recognize the mess we have created with a confusing array of devices and services that create frustration for the consumer. Surely there must be a “better way” for families to access, organize, and experience their multimedia.

“Hell, there are no rules here... we're trying to accomplish something!”  – Thomas A. Edison

The range of home media options continues to expand. From cable, satellite, and over-the-air TV programming, to DVDs and Blu-Ray discs, to streaming shows from an array of subscription services, to our downloaded or ripped digital music libraries, to our home videos and digital photo albums, the media options can seem overwhelming.

Just as frustrating are the range of devices to connect. HDTVs, receivers, DVRs, disc players, various streaming boxes, , media PCs, Slingboxes, tablets, phones... and each with a different remote control! The menus and controls are different, the TV inputs are different, the video and audio quality are different, the service provider logins are different. One mix of devices purchased for one room of the house provides different controls and limitations than found in another room. With fast-moving technology, the boxes purchased can quickly become outdated or even obsolete.

How do we easily find, and preserve, specific media content that we want to enjoy, in a given room or given portable device? Are your family videos and albums safely backed up? How much time is wasted trying to navigate across this mess? Edison would not be impressed.

The time has come... for a better way. The time has come to focus on the family and the consumer, even as most multimedia companies would prefer to take that control from you. The time has come for a more integrated and consistent experience. Please stay tuned for updates and emerging details in the coming weeks and months. We hope Mr. Edison would be pleased.