Like Switching HDMI Inputs? Didn't Think So!


Like Switching HDMI Inputs? Didn't Think So!

Anyone with a private cinema room, big home theater system, or even just your basic HDTV / Receiver / DVR / disc player / Roku / AppleTV knows what we're talking about here. Want to listen to some Pandora? Well, that's on, let's see… ah yes, the Roku (Input 4). Now please wait while the screen flashes for 5 seconds, then pickup your Roku remote. OK, now you want to check out some live TV or a recorded show? That's the DVR… it's on Input 1 (wait on another change, pickup the DVR / Cable remote). Now you want to play that new shiny Star Wars: Force Awakens  Blu-Ray you just bought? OK, no problem, let's switch to Input 3, and wait some more, and find the disc player remote (oh, it was under a cushion). Gee, what a great consumer experience, Huh? Not!

So, if you don't like it, and I don't like it, and millions of others out there don't like it… why are we all doing it - again and again - in our homes? After all, it's getting worse as more device options keep getting added to further frustrate and confuse us all. Surely some major logo brand would have noticed by now and solved the problem for us… yet no progress has been made. Zilch. Why is this?

There are actually a few good (and not so good) reasons. First, some brands are trying to be “The Hub”. Everyone and everything wants to be The Hub: your “Smart TV”, your game console, your disc player, etc. I think you can see where that's leading. The biggest problem is that, if you want to integrate a high-quality digital audio experience and video experience, the smart TV isn't in the right part of the food chain. The pre-amplifier / receiver would really be the logical hub to manage a consistent audio and video experience, not the TV. However, the pre-amp / receiver needs to switch among a variety of signal sources, so that gets us nowhere.

The devices are intentionally designed to drive revenue through their cloud portals: AppleTV wants you to only rent / buy from iTunes; FireTV favors Amazon Prime; your cable / satellite company rental DVR favors “on-demand” purchases, and so on. What if a new kind of company could figure out how to solve this problem, and could integrate everything you want to do with media through a single remote, consistent menu system and user interface, and lower total cost of ownership as well?

At Modulus, we are developing an amazing new product line that actually solves the problem… and the best part is, you don't need to toss your current pre-amp, receiver, and HDTV to make use of it. Later on, we'll explain how we do it and why it just works. For now, just know that we're on the way… stay tuned.