“Nobody Understands the Cloud!”


“Nobody Understands the Cloud!”

Streaming account profiles! Credit card numbers! Media backups! Passwords! Monthly subscriptions! Overwhelmed yet? For folks with a significant investment in their collection of favorite, cherished music and movies, this is a growing problem.

Recently, the popular streaming music site Soundcloud was hit with news of their cash flow problems, layoffs, and closed offices, sending a chill across the industry. Articles have been appearing telling their millions of users they only have a few weeks to get their music downloaded before it all disappers. Special “Soundcloud downloader” apps have been created so you can begin the arduous task of downloading all those tracks and playlists that soon may not be accessible any more.


Last week, I was at a luncheon party where the lady across from us stated that she just gave away all of her discs – CDs, DVDs, Blu-Rays – because she can get it through one of her many streaming accounts. While we all agree streaming is extremely convenient and delivers original content, there is little logic in sacrificing the higher video and audio quality of discs, let alone the risk that content she will expect to be there might be removed at the end of the month. Or worse yet, that business models change or evaporate, leaving consumers without the media they thought would always be there.


The solution isn’t to abandon streaming, or return to VHS, but to return control back to the media lover. If only it were possible to save your favorite streaming shows in HD quality. If only it were possible to import all your music – whether from CD, SACD, mp3, m4a, flac, DSD, or other – into one organized system that you can search by keyword or voice to play. If only all your movies were available, in every room of your home or on your mobile devices, to enjoy whenever you want, now or 10 years from now.


The title of this blog, taken from the 2014 hit movie “Sex Tape”, is all too true for many who naively trust in something they do not understand. If you care about having your media – your memories – safe under your control now or later, then check out the new Modulus system. It was created for people just like you!