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Anyone with a private cinema room, big home theater system, or even just your basic HDTV / Receiver / DVR / disc player / Roku / AppleTV knows what we're talking about here. Want to listen to some Pandora?

We loved our ReplayTV. It didn't merely replace the venerable VCR, it literally transformed TV. No more setting the clock, or programming start/stop times. No more fumbling to insert or rewind tapes.

Over the past several weeks, several high-profile streaming boxes have been announced that feature a remote control supporting voice input. First, Amazon introduced the new Fire TV, featuring the “Alexa” voice remote remote control that enables speech-activated Fire TV navigation or searches.

As a young boy, I admired Mr. Edison's insight, perseverance, and astounding impact of his creations, influencing my engineering career path. One of his special gifts was the ability to see a new and better way, while everyone around him simply accepted the status quo. Mr.